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About John Fischer

FISCHER FURNITURE, established in 1992 by John Fischer, is widely recognized as one of the preeminent custom furniture studios in New York.  Fischer, who holds a BFA from Pratt Institute and is a graduate of The North Bennet Street School, brings to his work a thorough understanding of the history of art and design, a finely tuned aesthetic, and unsurpassed technical expertise and craftsmanship.  With the assistance of a talented staff of craftsmen, the FISCHER FURNITURE studio is known for its ability to interpret and execute challenging design projects in fine and rare woods, metals, skins, and painted finishes, for many of the world's most respected architects and designers and their discerning clientele. He is at the forefront of the new craft movement and serves as a mentor to many young craftsmen.

Fischer Furniture, Inc.   106 Ferris  Street  3L   Brooklyn, NY 11231  tel 718.418.6206

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